Richard Gallon is the man behind AIRG. As one of the European pioneers of paragliding, he is now one of the worldwide old-timers and remains captivated to the addictive quality of flying to this day.

Richard’s calling has long been his profession as well. Primarily a test pilot, he has also been a competitive pilot for over 25 years.

Richard’s career highlights:

  • World Champion PWC 1993
  • Founding member of the SAT Team with Raoul Rodriguez
  • Creator of Acroflying and the associated maneuvers
  • Member of the French National Team 1989 – 1999

All of Richard’s flying mastery, his individual flying style (recognised worldwide), his understanding of flying safety combined with the pure fun of flying, can be found now in the paraglider line from AIRG.

The following priorities are found in the all of the paragliders from AIRG:

  • precise operation
  • clean, wrinkle-free workmanship
  • good feedback through medium brake pressure and accurate wing tension
  • maneuverability, smooth flying style