→ Posted on November 10, 2012

Yesterday I got to try AIRG’s first tandem protoype. After my flatmate and me hiked up our home mountain straight to the top, we faced a nice 25-30 km/h south and I could check out the handling of the wing. I was surprise how little it felt, even with the quiet string wind I could play around the take off for some minutes and then we took off. With quiet a high wingload we were super fast in the air, maybe a bit too fast, so I was happy having a good breeze to take off. The brakes were adjusted a bit too long so I could’t really do a Helico to SAT or some other connections but we finally did some nice SAT to SAT, Loopings and so on. The steep slope in front of our house made it quiet hard to land with this big speed of th wing swooping in like I never do with my 17m² Emilie. I think if we make it a bit slower, the canopy a bit lighter, reduce the brake pressure a little, this wing will be a blast.
But to be honest; if I wouldn’t fly as much as I do recently I would not be interested in this tandem.

The upcoming week Richard will visit Raul Rodriguez in Spain to do further tests and to adjust the wing, stay tuned..